Who Remembers Margaret?

from by Indio Saravanja



for the legendary Yellowknife woman and larger than life Margaret Thrasher with great Love and respect.


Who Remembers Margaret? Indio Saravanja

this used to be a different town it was a different scene
nobody talks about it now but that don't mean a thing
sometimes i get to thinking when I get those home town blues
and in memories of friends back there I think about her too

but now who remembers Margaret? the queen of all downtown
big eyes behind dark glasses the black hair coming down
the headband and the parka and the way she'd always grin
the burn marks on her face and hands the moose hide moccasins

she would talk to every stranger always with a smile to lend
and if you ever gave her money it was cause she was your friend
keeping 'daddy' in his crutches and a bottle in her bag
he would stay out of her clutches but she was everything he had

sometimes she'd sit there laughing as drunk as anything
sometimes she'd try to chase you sometimes she'd dance and sing
there was one time, selling papers, she caught me standing there outside
and said 'be my baby, paperboy' and held me as she cried

i told my mom about it and she said one time in the past
Margaret went out to the hospital and broke a bunch of glass
cause they'd taken all her babies so she tried to steal one back
they caught her by the door she said...can you imagine that

in the summer heat we'd comb the sidewalks for coins and rocks and Colts
stick em in our mouths for taste and pretend that we could smoke
when we'd get tired of the woods and race our bikes downtown
somehow we all felt safer knowing Margaret was around

and then we all got older and went away to school
down south where no one knew our names and people had more rules
i guess i took for granted things back home would never change
but Margaret was already gone when I came back again

would you know she ran for Mayor! man the whole town had a laugh
and so many people loved her that she almost won by half!
some said it made her stronger that she took it all in stride
but it wasn't too much longer after that, they said she died

she left Ronnie, she left Billie, Johnny Bones and No Hands Joe
they're all gone now like the others gone like the wind that blows
but now who remembers Margaret singing as she shoveled snow
I can't walk by the post office without seeing her there you know

i can't walk by the post office without seeing her there you know


from Travel On, released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Indio Saravanja Toronto, Ontario

Argentine born, Arctic Canada raised, Indio Saravanja is a poetic songwriter, talented multi-instrumentalist, and adventurous composer, whose poignant, honest words cut to the bone. A dynamic performer who charms the crowd with his candid and often humorous tales, he is an also an exciting musician - solo or with a band, acoustic or electric. ... more

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