Travel On

by Indio Saravanja

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Indio Saravanja's fifth album finds him 'going electric'. With a great band behind him, he is back to making the kinds of sounds he made in the rocking club scene years before becoming a recording artist. Engaging stories, dazzling electric guitar playing, flourishes of Spanish guitar, Argentine charango, and keys, all backed by a stoically driving rhythm section – Travel On is an 11 song rock and roll journey that you will
want to take to the road with again and again.

With its dreamy tributes to living, fallen, or imagined heroes, wistful odes for times and legendary people of the past, gritty contemplations on present-day societal realities and songs of personal battles lost and won, Travel On is Indio's most honest and intense work to date.


released December 1, 2012

Producer: Indio Saravanja
Executive Producer: Leeroy Stagger
Engineer: Leeroy Stagger
Recorded at Rebeltone Studios, Alberta, April 2012
Additional Recording at Old Crow Recording, Yukon, September 2012
Engineer: Bob Hamilton
Travel On was mixed by Bob Hamilton.

Indio: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, charango, piano, harmonium, hammond organ.

Annie Avery: hammond organ on Real Gone.

Evan Uschenko: lap steel on Johnny Guitar & Train Is Coming Soon, melodica on Nick's Tune.

Paul Holden: Bass

Kyle Harmon: Drums



all rights reserved


Indio Saravanja Toronto, Ontario

Argentine born, Arctic Canada raised, Indio Saravanja is a poetic songwriter, talented multi-instrumentalist, and adventurous composer, whose poignant, honest words cut to the bone. A dynamic performer who charms the crowd with his candid and often humorous tales, he is an also an exciting musician - solo or with a band, acoustic or electric. ... more

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Track Name: Desperate Man (Song For Leonard)
Desperate Man Indio Saravanja

You traded words for groceries and fingers in your hair
the women all got roses in your theatre of despair
and how i longed to be like you and know such discipline
to sit down with the teachers who helped you stay so thin
I loved your old world elegance your clothes your chinese mind
i loved the thousand women that you had to leave behind
the way you courted sadness with bouquets on bended knees
and let her lead you in and out of love so easily

Playing a game of catch me if you can
and may the devil or the angel win the hand
they can find me but i'll never take the stand
a desperate man
desperate man

I've heard some call you Angel yes the ones who seem to care
they say you're over here and then they say you're over there
like a ghost that walks the city streets invisible and free
then you're up there on your mountain trying to find some dignity
You grew up in the winters and a black man drove your car
your people tried to change you but they didn't get too far
you gave them back their money you said you wanted something pure
you spoke with such great certainty you thought you might be sure


Now the cross is on the mountain but the churches will not fill
all the lovers pray in rooms from where they see it standing still
there are killers on our radios and their poisons fill the air
but tonight i heard a drunkard sing your sweet songs in the square
Track Name: Mam'zelle Gibson
Mamzelle Gibson Moustaki/Saravanja (c) 2012

Mamzelle Gibson
I met you on the sale room floor
of an abandoned music store
out of the way that no one knew
Mamzelle Gibson
I took you straight into my heart
and just like a girl you played the part
or maybe a thief who's love was true

Mamzelle Gibson
Mamzelle Gibson
you were the prettiest to me
of all the girls in Tennessee
you were the prettiest to me
of all the girls in Tennessee

Mamzelle Gibson
you only spoke in English then
and i wanted you to be my friend
so I took a class in Boston town
Mamzelle Gibson
though I'd only lived for 18 years
I needed a place for all my tears
and you never once did let me down

Mamzelle Gibson... (Chorus)

Mamzelle Gibson
you know I tried to be untrue
but they couldn't sing as well as you
turning to music in my hands
Mamzelle Gibson
and now our love will never end
age like a wine our sound will blend
with all the angels in the band

Mamzelle Gibson
Track Name: Travel On
Travel On Indio Saravanja

When your side-show's taking over
and you just can't make the stage
and you've somehow lost your cover
and it's raining on your cage
and a certain voice is calling
but it don't come in too clear
your curtains are all falling
and you know you must go clear

Travel On
Travel On
Everything you love is gone
Traveler just sing your song

If you do it it'll kill you
if you don't you'll die inside
even when it doesn't fill you
and it only breaks your pride
it don't care for your excuses
it don't care about your pain
if the angel cannot use you
the angel leaves again

Travel On
Travel On
Everything you love is gone
Traveler just sing your song

All the loads you tried to carry
when you couldn't take the weight
the dead you couldn't bury
and the love you tried to hate
like old friends have come to gamble
that a dead-end's getting near
but there's one road left to ramble
only one and then you're clear

Travel On
Travel On
Everything you love is gone
Travel On
Travel On
Everything you love is gone
Traveler just sing your song
Traveler just sing your song
You can make it to the dawn
Travel On
Track Name: Real Gone
Real Gone Indio Saravanja

he met her in a bar on a wednesday night
'neath the bandstand light the only woman with an empty glass
he found an empty seat and it was next to her
and he wasn't sure if she was someone he had known in the past
they never spoke a word until the second set
and they couldn't stop talking once their eyes met
and when the band went home they never noticed there was nothing on
but he could hear the ocean and the wind and rain
feel the rush of blood when she spoke his name
like she was in his veins
to take him home and he was real real gone

she met him at the docks in her cut off jeans
she was long and lean, hair shining and her skin so tanned
showed him to her truck and put his bag in the back
put the keys in his hands and sat beside him like he was her man
and she seemed so different from the ones before
who never seemed to know what they were looking for
she seemed to want him more
it was a drug he had never been on
they drove around heaven and the sun all day
made love all night you know it was that way
he knew he had to stay
always beside her he was real real gone

he loved her more than he loved himself
more than she knew herself he wanted her to be his wife
she made him feel like he was a king like he had everything
but then he almost lost his life
cause she wore him down until he couldn't see
with her jealous ways and insecurities
and as the years rolled past it cost him more and more to roll it along
but he stood right by her through the games and lies
and he couldn't find the strength to leave her crying eyes
when she apologized
and said she loved him he was real real gone

you came this morning just before the dawn
in a dream so long a hall of mirrors that would never end
and everywhere I turned I had to look at you and you were laughing too
I thought I'd never make it out again
you stared me down and you refused to speak
I woke up with tears burning down my cheeks
in the arms of a woman who can love me in a way that's strong
she whispered low and she held me tight
and she let me know that it was still alright
to stay all night
and reassured me you were real real gone

now I've been working in the North for a diamond mine
and where the North begins you know it's always been a moving line
some people say that's where the heart broken go
the only thing i know is that I'll love her til the end of time
well I make good money and I pay the rent
and I know more or less how my money's spent
you know I ain't got someone like her around to play me the con
and I don't know how but my will's returned
I got a drive to live and a desire to burn
all of the pictures of the lessons I learned
when I got real gone
Track Name: Black Angel
Black Angel Indio Saravanja

Black Angel, sweet angel
please just tell me your name
do you bring your mercy here
only for my shame
do you even know the reason
why you even came
oh Black Angel

Angel, dark angel
must we take this so far
i don't want to burn out now
please let me out of this car
don't want to know i got in here
don't want to know where we are
oh Black Angel

I still talk to Jesus
But i don't ask for much no more
Cause i have been in pieces
Since you showed up at my door
Mama always said be careful
Careful what you're wishing for
But you and i both know
I can't hear her anymore

I'll give you what you want now
if you'll just leave me alone
i know that you're beautiful
but i want to go home
cause i'm not made of fire
i'm made of flesh and bone
oh Black Angel
Track Name: Johnny Guitar
Johnny Guitar Indio Saravanja

I had a friend who lived alone
without a place to call his own
just like a rambling rolling stone
and Johnny Guitar was his name

His legend spread from New York town
to Paris France and back around
and though he had the golden sound
he never had a taste of fame

They say he started awful young
back in the day when the poets sung
when words could get you shot or hung
or buried long before your time

I dreamed last night a dream so true
that Johnny told me not to do
the things he did that made him blue
and good as dead at 29

Now some men just can't play a part
that separates, divides a heart
cause when they lie illusions start
to make impressions on their souls

and when they do it gets obscene
to see a man without no dreams
like when a wounded horse it screams
like seeing a crow fall from its pole

The best girls are too hard to hold
the biggest stories can't be told
the sweetest notes just can't be sold
that's how it must've been with John

The last days he was here were strange
he played out on the street for change
and all the folks he'd entertained
over the years would laugh and scorn

I heard he took the songs he had
and headed out for good or bad
to the desert proud and sad
to make the stand he had to make

against the phonies and the bums
who never offered more than crumbs
and everything that didn't come
to terms with what he couldn't fake

And what he found was just a dawn
that wasn't right and wasn't wrong
but simply put did not belong
beside the setting of his sun
Track Name: Nick's Tune
Song For Nick (Nick's Tune) Indio Saravanja

Nobody can
live in your mind
no one can see you
Nick it's just you
and you can't understand
why no one can free you
or lend you a hand

No one can see you
no one can free you
playing those songs in your mind
songs in your mind
no one can see you

The Four Seasons play
the record spins round
your mother can't wake you
they break down the door
you don't make a sound
i guess those angels must take you
when summer begins

Up on a mountain
down in the valley
playing those songs in your mind
songs in your mind
and when no one can hear me
i feel you near me
playing those songs in my mind
songs in my mind

And there's nothing to do
but sit by a window
for thousands of years
i sit by a window
and then i forget
until it don't matter
and life just goes on
Track Name: Thieves
Thieves Indio Saravanja

So the thieves took everything
some say they took it all
they took the money and they all skipped town
sold us down the river and had a ball
now you owe a hundred strangers
for your thousand slaves
for the promise of the glamour
and the pleasure that it gave
all their gains were misbegotten
they had the hands they played all fixed
you knew their plans were rotten mister
but you kept on smiling and turning tricks
just to find your life in ashes
piling up around your shoes
will you just stand there pointing fingers now
or will you try to help us through

You went on through the grooming schools
like a racehorse set for the gates
just to wind up in this concrete stall
working for a lifetime left in wait
i guess you thought it was alright
as long as you could put some away
well I hope they left some crumbs for you
on the other side of your working days
but now your kids want everything for free
and say they've got nothing to do
everyones a stranger in their own home town
feeling so motherless and blue
they're not asking you to be the Goddess
or the man that ran out on you
but just to be the one they really need
oh will you try to help them through

Don't it bring you down when you go downtown
and main street feels like a tomb
there's nothing there no more since the new box stores
and the suburbs boomed
you see the lights shine through the curtains
t.v.'s blinking at you all of the time
as you walk these empty streets uncertain
why it's feeling like the end of the line

I heard a woman talking to a crowd
down on parliament row
she said 'I really love my country man
but I fear my government you know
because we made them God Almighty
and they forgot the Golden Rule
and there's a dark hand pulling at the world of men
bigger than any old ship of fools
it knows the more you need outside of you
the less you'll feel complete
til you're so haunted by the things you think you want
you can only dream of defeat
make you sell your own soul down a river
where fortune only favors the few
but I believe we'll be delivered friend
and that we're bound to make it through'

Bridge 2:
I've lived beside you girl for some time now
but mostly i've lived on the edge
lately I've been like a teacup
sitting on your ledge
trying to keep myself full of sweetness
but bitterness keeps knocking me down
every time you want a drink from me
I'm already down on the ground

There's a lot of people wondering now
if things are only getting worse
if the ancient song from the book of life
will offer up another verse
and they'll wave to you from the tallest ships
of a sinking point of view
if you believe the lies that fall from their lips
they're going to drag you down there too
til you become the judge and jury
and the criminal who rules
over a world where nothing's left to love
only a broken hearted fool
who's still measuring his happiness
they way they always taught him to
in a game that he could never win
that could never help us through
Track Name: Real World
Real World Indio Saravanja

Well the kids around here sniff gasoline
in between the cars in the parking lot
hanging on the edge of an American Dream
like fallen stars that never really caught
your eyes

Mama can i have more money
and it's 'yes now son don't tell me what it's for
make sure you have a nice time dear
be careful not to slam the door
your daddy's watching the the t.v. screen
and he don't know what's going on
so don't do nothing make me get in between you
cause I don't want to hear that song

skipping stones across the water
you can count them all out loud
but it doesn't seem to matter
there ain't nothing round here, makes anyone proud at all
you stroll down to the arcade
to play a game of pool
to make sure that you can make the grade
and make sure that you're cool

you sink the ball in the corner
while someone moves on your girl
you think you'll call her and warn her
there's so much to prove in your world

she makes a wish, by the satellite dish
that someone will notice her soon
make her a Hollywood actress
or an astronaut to the moon
her daddy is a mystery
her brothers' out trying to break free
her mama's living in a fantasy
it's the real world on t.v. (2x)
that's the way the world should be.
Track Name: Train Is Coming Soon
Train Is Coming Soon Indio Saravanja

The message came this morning
i was there at the cafe
a man in black came in and said 'good day'
he ordered up some coffee
and he poured some whiskey in
he said he had some news i listened in

Oh yeah, he said the train is coming soon
saw it in the moon with my own eyes
oh yeah, the train is coming soon
and if you be a good boy you won't die

Well no one said a word
so scared of what they heard
you could've heard a pin drop in that place
the man in black was silent
he looked around the room
but nobody would look into his face

Oh yeah, he said the train is coming soon
saw it in the moon with my own eyes
oh yeah, the train is coming soon
and if you be a good boy you won't die

And then a fat man spoke
he said 'well that's a funny joke
there hasn't been a train here in thirty years'
he lit a big cigar
and said 'i know just who you are
and we don't like your kind of people here'

And then a woman stood
she said 'that don't sound too good
so mister tell me where it is I sign
but can i take my things?
my children and my rings?
or should i leave my jewelry behind?'

i've bought a lot of things before
had lots of salesmen at my door
you know i'm old enough to know that nothing's free
except to be born and to die
well all the rest is just a lie
unless you're God himself i'll need a guarantee
I'll need a guarantee
Track Name: Who Remembers Margaret?
Who Remembers Margaret? Indio Saravanja

this used to be a different town it was a different scene
nobody talks about it now but that don't mean a thing
sometimes i get to thinking when I get those home town blues
and in memories of friends back there I think about her too

but now who remembers Margaret? the queen of all downtown
big eyes behind dark glasses the black hair coming down
the headband and the parka and the way she'd always grin
the burn marks on her face and hands the moose hide moccasins

she would talk to every stranger always with a smile to lend
and if you ever gave her money it was cause she was your friend
keeping 'daddy' in his crutches and a bottle in her bag
he would stay out of her clutches but she was everything he had

sometimes she'd sit there laughing as drunk as anything
sometimes she'd try to chase you sometimes she'd dance and sing
there was one time, selling papers, she caught me standing there outside
and said 'be my baby, paperboy' and held me as she cried

i told my mom about it and she said one time in the past
Margaret went out to the hospital and broke a bunch of glass
cause they'd taken all her babies so she tried to steal one back
they caught her by the door she said...can you imagine that

in the summer heat we'd comb the sidewalks for coins and rocks and Colts
stick em in our mouths for taste and pretend that we could smoke
when we'd get tired of the woods and race our bikes downtown
somehow we all felt safer knowing Margaret was around

and then we all got older and went away to school
down south where no one knew our names and people had more rules
i guess i took for granted things back home would never change
but Margaret was already gone when I came back again

would you know she ran for Mayor! man the whole town had a laugh
and so many people loved her that she almost won by half!
some said it made her stronger that she took it all in stride
but it wasn't too much longer after that, they said she died

she left Ronnie, she left Billie, Johnny Bones and No Hands Joe
they're all gone now like the others gone like the wind that blows
but now who remembers Margaret singing as she shoveled snow
I can't walk by the post office without seeing her there you know

i can't walk by the post office without seeing her there you know