The Caravan Sessions

by Indio Saravanja



(The Caravan Sessions was successfully funded by gracious pre-paying fans in 2009.)
Here are the liner notes:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To whom it may concern:

It’s early afternoon as I sit and write this at our kitchen table here overlooking the greening fields of this magical farm called Caravan... It’s the last day of April and the sun is finally starting to shine on all G-d’s creation. I’ve got the new record playing right now on these computer speakers...on this same laptop these songs were recorded on two months ago in a ten by ten plywood cabin up the hill from here, when the snow was four feet high and the darkness and doubt seemed sovereign in the rueful month of February.

I’d be lying if I told you that making this record wasn’t one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I had no money for a ‘real’ studio, and although I’d had a fair share of recording experience over the years, I definitely hadn’t paid much attention to the engineering side of things. Sure I knew people made cabin recordings all the time but I didn’t have a clue how myself, and besides that.... I had already decided long before, that I definitely didn’t have what it took to sit in front of a computer (or board, back in the ‘old days’ when I used to fork over a summer job’s worth of wages to a ‘pro’ for a handful of demos!) and get that kind of thing done. And here’s the truth of it: I just never was all that interested! I would’ve rather just written and performed my songs and said ‘Thanks a bunch I’m off now!’ But somehow 4 years had gone by (with a half-finished and abandoned record
somewhere in the middle of that) and I realized I had better get my motoring kicked into a different gear if I was going to keep this bus rolling down the highway.

Back in November, after hearing you could even do such a thing, I reached out to my ‘fans’ (friends) for help and by the end of January I had some money to work with. Not enough to go tracking in a studio... but I had promised a record! One thing led to another, and I started with what I could afford.. ‘just start something. But what songs? and where? I can’t do the album I planned! What!?... ‘just start something Indio’... so I did.

With one rented microphone, a computer program called Garage Band and a little box called a ‘Duet’ I got to work. It took a week and a number of phone calls to old friends like Jay Burr just to learn how to turn things on at times! Anyways.. more checks started coming in.... 20 bucks here.. 100 there... and this whole thing started to take on more meaning to me with each passing day. In the middle of the longest winter since G-d knows when, in the middle of this ‘recession’.. with panic and doom spilling in from all sides, all these people showed they cared that I make something happen out of nothing and that they were rooting for me.

And then there was Estelle, she was just plain wonderful. Most of the time I was trying to work during non-chainsaw hours, meaning 9-5 (at night), so she said goodbye to a good part of me for the couple of weeks I was in that cave, leaving food, notes, and rescue remedies on the table for whenever I came in.

I’m realizing all this again as I sit here in this almost summer sun and it’s all just one big miracle just what the faith and support of friends and loved ones can do. We all made this together and I learned a lot in the process about those famous old lines ‘Knock and the door shall be answered’ and ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ I couldn’t have done this without any of you and that’s something I want to celebrate now and I’ll never forget. Thank you.

You may wonder: Did I get the record I wanted out of all this? Hell no! But I got something a lot better than that. I re-discovered what and who I’m doing this for.

So here’s some more songs ‘to be a ponderin’ on friends’.

For general know-how, encouragement, help, and lending ears:

Carlos Marticorena, Leeroy Stagger, Jay Burr, and Farrell Spence. Gary Vallaincourt. Pat Braden. Hannah James. Dietmar Leibecke, Michael Maclean, Steph & Gerry, Elias and my family. James Mackie for videos and energy. Estelle Shook for everything else.

For Financial Support and much more:
(see website for more details)

Tony ‘Snowking’ Foliot and Dietmar Leibecke for starting it all off!
Hotse Langeraar, Kelly Payne, Elias Saravanja, Kevin More, Gordon Hamre, Judy Murdock, Peter Sands, Tawanis Testart, Diana Mathisen, Andrew Love, Gary Coward, Sue Turner, Peter Cullen, Line Gagnon, Sonya Meier, Mark Wilson, Jane Wolverton, Andrea Coyne, Heather Nicol, Pat Braden, Jodi Ouelette, Bohdi St. John, Herve Oudet, Alejandro Wainer, Mila Steele, Terry Woolf & Aggie Brockman, Gli Edmunds, Marty Levinson & Jacquie, Martin Julien, Jacques Spiry, Valeria Vergara, Kevin Mackie, Stephane Ritchot, Zav RT, Allison Green, Daphne Denniston, Treena Stubel, Ward Wylie, Laurie Sarkadi, Seattle Scott & Jill, Jasmine Netsena, Tom & Ann Hennessy, April Parchoma, Laura Wilder, Edward Becker, Orissa Forest, Cheryn Wong. Hedi Kottner.

thanks as well to everyone at Caravan (and ‘Chainsaw Mick!’ my good man!)


released July 2, 2009

all songs written and arranged by Indio Saravanja and recorded February 2009 except ‘Grace Of Thee’ recorded in one take at One Ton Studios Victoria B.C. April 15th, and ‘Holding On’ back on the Caravan Farm in the cook shack with Cameron Shook, Sunday April 26th. Fiddle and Trumpet @ Dan’s warehouse February & April, All drums recorded at Woodshop Studios, Duncan B.C.

Mixed by Zak Cohen with Indio at Woodshop Studios, April 09
Mastered by Zak Cohen


6 and 12 string guitar, vocals, banjo, organ, piano, glockenspiel, synth, loop percussion, harmonica and also bass on El Camino Dreams.
Daniel Lapp: Fiddle and Trumpet
John Ellis: Pedal Steel. Bass on Nothing Can Be Done
Pat Steward: Drums
Cameron Shook: Bass on Holding On

Grace Of Thee inspired by a poem by Rene Fumoleau and dedicated to Gary Cramer and my mother Maria Saravanja.



all rights reserved


Indio Saravanja Toronto, Ontario

Argentine born, Arctic Canada raised, Indio Saravanja is a poetic songwriter, talented multi-instrumentalist, and adventurous composer, whose poignant, honest words cut to the bone. A dynamic performer who charms the crowd with his candid and often humorous tales, he is an also an exciting musician - solo or with a band, acoustic or electric. ... more

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Track Name: Twenty First Century Blues
I heard a rumor the worlds gonna sink
the end will come sooner than anyone thinks
down in the valley they're spreading the news
I'm up on the mountain 21st century blues

Sister come with me let's find a place
I want to be with you if this is the case
cause you're all that I long for and know to be true
we've got no time for 21st century blues

Let's go to the North babe or home to the south
the people here scare me they foam at the mouth
they're just waiting for water with holes in their shoes
they're pointing at me and they're pointing at you

From deep in the country down to the sea
people have always longed to be free
but now you know there's so many with nothing to lose
stuck in the cities 21st century blues

they say we've run out of credit and we're bound for a crash
but we got the spirit if we don't have the cash
the light is electric but they've taken the view
lost in the panic 21st century blues

Our love is not over it's just how you feel
we can be lovers but it's too late for deals
it's too late to fake it we gotta get through
so watch what you say and watch what you do
watch what you do
Track Name: Clouds

Clouds are moving swiftly 'cross the sky
there's three more days until I go
but i won't say goodbye
because you are the woman for my life
the next time that we meet again
then you will be my wife

I knew you like a bell that wouldn't sound
inside the silent movie
that I played from town to town
through restless dreams for you I left a place
where nothing else could matter
'til i looked into your face

and now I know the reasons for the times
I was blind
and now I know my seasons will be fine
in my mind
in my mind

You know it's good to see the world anew
to slip out of the shadow lands
and feel you like I do
my love it feels so light yet holds me down
it makes me feel like I can fly
with both feet on the ground

and so much more than words can ever say
we lived today
I've never gone so far out of my way
and I'd like to stay
I'd like to stay

Clouds are moving.....
Track Name: Dead Man
Dead Man

Every single hour every moment of the day
I look upon a wishing well and wonder what to say
through truth and lies and beauty there's a mystery to undress
but I'm tired of feeling guilty just because I'm unimpressed
I need someone to talk with
until it's time to leave
every since she left me
I need reasons to believe
my lonely eyes may frighten
you'll see them when I sing
and they'll tell you how a dead man
is the very strangest thing

Now the dead man takes the daughters and he takes the lonely wives
he don't know what he's after so he messes with their lives
he cuts through air like silence breaks the skin just like a scratch
he lets you see inside him til you find that you're attached
some say that he's dishonest
but each lover's gently warned
I might not leave you too much
but tonight I'll keep you warm
with the sweetness of a stranger
'til the morning comes to rise
and I guess it's just a danger
if you think I'm telling lies

He's out there on the highway just before the sun comes up
and he sings to pass the hours 'til there's whiskey in his cup
he knows his days are numbered like the bullets from a gun
so he sings about the love that left the legend on his tongue
the chrome that started peeling
the heart that filled with rust
the one who left the feeling
there ain't no one you can trust
the one who left a world
to which he'd never quite belong
the one who made the dead man
is the reason for this song
she's the reason for this song
Track Name: Fortunate Son
Fortunate Son

Where is the fortunate son
his daddy swallowed a gun
the market crashed
and when he lost the cash
they say he lost it all

Where is the fortunate son
who always had his way to pay for all those toys
now that they're lost
how much will it cost
for him to learn to hate

Where is the fortunate son
now that the middle class is gone
and we're still poor
worse off than before
when we were miserable

I wish to God that I could see
why this is happening to me
am I slave or am I free
whatever happened to the dream

Where is the fortunate son
the war ain't over don't he know it's just begun
we need his pride
things are bad outside
and they're just getting worse

Where is the fortunate son
will he sing a song for everyone
sing us the blues
coins around his shoes
we'll say he rose again

I wish to God that I could see
why this is happening to me
am I slave or am I free
whatever happened to the dream
Track Name: Middle Of Things
Middle Of Things

Take the high road when you're feeling fine
take the low road when you're breaking
do your best just to walk a straight line
you'll sometimes be mistaken
look at your hands and study those lines
think about highways turning
think about love when you look in my eyes
think about fires burning

I'd give anything to see you again
no one here would miss me
if i had money well i'd go again
cause i know just how you'd kiss me
sometimes i wonder if you had a choice
did you really have to leave me
on these dim-lit stages where i lost my voice
and i begged you to believe me

Where are you in the middle of things
When you get so tired of trying
Where are you in the middle of things
Are you thinking of me and crying

Can't you see the driver at his lonely wheel
driving through the valleys of darkness
don't you ever wonder how the poor man feels
when the road has lost it's promise
and it's taking too long for the lights to change
and life up here is lonely
i'm twice as crazy but i'm half as strange
and i still love you only

So where are you in the middle of things
When you get so tired of trying
Where are you in the middle of things
Are you thinking of me and crying
Track Name: El Camino Dreams
El Camino Dreams
El Camino dreams
are keeping me awake tonight
El Camino dreams
you know I'm down the road and I'm out of sight
a 66 would be so sweet
midnight blue with a black interior
chrome shining like diamonds on the street
make a man like me feel so superior

I couldn't drive no kids to school
not even if they begged me to
the price of gas wouldn't feel so cruel
and nobody would ever ride in it but me and you
in my El Camino dreams
with somebody around me who can understand
why I don't like it here no more
ever since you took away your hands

I would drive right through these nights
til i'd get so tired i'd just have to sleep
pull over to a field in a blanket of stars
have one last smoke lying back on that old bench seat
if she could drive me all the way
you know I'd love that woman til the day I die
like a man who hates to stay
cause everything else just makes him want to cry

I know these dreams ain't any good
cause the road is changing on the lone cowboy
you could have a thousand horses 'neath your hood
if you ain't helping no one live you know it's just a toy
El Camino dreams
sorry honey but that's all I'm dreaming of
and I don't know what it means
but i loved you more than life and i know it ain't enough
it ain't enough
Track Name: Minor Blues
Minor Blues

i tried to write a song tonight
you know i couldn't get it right
it was just a minor blues
full of all my heavy views
i was trying to fill with pain
words so full of love and rain
the thought of leaving you again
and all the writing on the wall

i was still angry from the day we had
and then i guess it made me sad
the lullaby we sang in bed
was keeping me awake instead
you were talking in your sleep
your company was hard to keep
your body fighting in the moonlit sheets
telling me i had it all

and now i got the minor blues but i don't have a song
been looking for that major key so long
so long

i've loved you for a long time now
we still don't get along somehow
we've been trying to make a deal
ever since we made it real
i know the story will not end
until there's nothing to defend
but when an enemy becomes a friend
will one of us be gone

our love is like a minor blues that tells us something's wrong
been looking for that major key so long
for one to find a way to choose
and one to carry on
find a deal we can't refuse
or say so long
so long
Track Name: Nothing Can Be Done
Nothing Can Be Done

The lunatics are on the street
staring at the sun
waiting for the black out
somebody said would come
they're sure that it's all over
things have gone too far
I'm just waiting for my lover
looking at the stars

She says she really knows me
she knows just what I need
she offers me her schedules
I offer her my speed
we sit here drinking coffee
and watch the ashtrays burn
sometimes she looks up at the TV
I just wait for her return

And I don't know where I'm going
or what I'm running from
sometimes I wonder if I ever will
can anything be done?

It's either feast or famine
it's purge and then it's binge
it's always been the same in my life
lately it's making me cringe
but none of these things matter
when my baby holds me tight
she's like my coffee in the morning
my whiskey late at night

she's like my coffee in the morning
my whiskey late at night
Track Name: Grace Of Thee
Grace Of Thee

This little bird
did her best to fly
despite the rain and thunderclouds
that covered up her eyes
and when she flew
she knew that you were there
she didn't need to struggle
or even say a prayer
she kept trying
she kept flying
'til she flew
so easily
and she made it home
if only by the grace of Thee

This tiny tree
did his best to grow
in the ground where he was planted
where the sun would never go
from where he stood
he could see so many trees
that grew up straight and tall
while he grew so crookedly
but he kept growing
without knowing
the day would come
when he'd be free
and he made it home
if only by the grace of Thee

I don't know why my life
is so full of trouble
or why the world seems so unkind
but when all of the rain inside
has got me seeing double
I know you'll let me see in time

and I'm not ready yet
to face my final dawn
I haven't found my highway
I'm still looking for my song
I'm scared and alone
and it's harder every day
to wake up and keep trying
but I'm learning how to pray
just keep me warm
and I'll keep singing
though I know not
what will be
and I'll make it home
if only by the grace of Thee
Track Name: Holding On
Holding On

holding on to what we have
that feels so right
and so brand new
without giving in to thoughts and fears
that make me want
to run from you
and I'm holding on
just like the times
in the past
when I wasn't feeling strong

now I feel your love shining through
these silver days
out on the land
and I love you more than I could say
where would I be
without your hand
and I'm holding on
just like the times
in the past
when I felt like I belonged

got your love
shining through all my days (3x)
got your love
shining through

oh baby I can't stand to
make you sad
with words I speak
if I show you how I feel inside
how could you love
a man that weak
but I'm holding on
just like the times
in the past
when I wasn't feeling strong.