Indio Saravanja

by Indio Saravanja



Love and thanks...
To my family, friends and teachers.
To Elias and Maria.
To Everyone who got us through the coldest month of the year, especially; Chris and Line (et tous les enfants) Gary and Ali, Tony and Cynthia,
Pat and Laurie, Jay Burr, David and Kristina and all at Caribou, Annie, Patrick and Sarah, Grant Simpson, Heather Loewen, Gordie Tentrees, Rae,
Tanya, Meshell Melvin, Steve Slade, Everyone in Whitehorse who helped out and came to the shows, Rod and Lara (my sponsors), Sheri
Hogeboom, Danny Hudson, Kevin Barr, Jim Vautour, and Buddy Tabor.
Thank you Jeff Beier, Lyndon Sibelius, Carlos Marticorena, Leeroy Stagger, Walter Brown and Daniel Lapp, Heather Macleod, Heather Murdoch,
Kenny Smilovitch, Augie Cavallero, Peter Cullen, Greig Upton, Rick Fader, Ted Mildenberger, Bullocks Bistro, Pido Production, Auntie Aggie,
Logan’s Pub, the Premat-Wainer family, Tracey Riley, Brent Norman, Dan Weis., Carolyn Mark, Tanya Loviz, Ray Lemelin, Rhonda Stakich,
Stephane Ritchot, Inga Liljestrom, Ron Sexsmith, Nuria Sitja, Adam Currie, Sherri Pellerin,Terry Woolf, Cosima phone home, Mark and Jeni, Mark,
Pablo and Guin for photos and art. To all my new friends and family on Galiano, Melinda and Family, Deb and Don for the gigs, Adam and Kia,
Stephan and Jerry, Kate Sherry, Fred and Debbie King, Chris Donnelly, Michael MacLean, the Gregory’s, Liliana, Peg and Myron and Brooke
Bilney. Thanks to all the players and my producer Bob for keeping it all moving through the cold and dark (95 miles an hour on the MotoGuzzi).
I want to dedicate this one to the memory of Aylie Sparkes (thank you Maestro), Aaron Herder, Michael Czarnecki, William Marrie and young
Jeff Buckley wherever you are. See you on the other side amigos. It’s been an honour.
See the rest of you on the road soon.


released October 5, 2005

Indio: acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, piano, harmonium, synth, mellotron, bass
Bob Hamilton: electric lap steel and rayco resophonic
Annie Avery: hammond organ
Pat Braden: bass
Lonnie Powell: drums
Moritz Behm: violin
Gene Brown-pedal steel
Aylie Sparkes-electric slide guitar (til the sun shines)

All songs written and arranged by G.E. Saravanja.
Produced by Bob Hamilton.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Bob Hamilton at
Old Crow Recording Studio, Whitehorse, Yukon.
Executive Producers: David Petkovich, Kristina Mercs
Design and layout: Guiniveve Lalena with Indio
Photographs: digipak photos of Indio & Motorcycle by Guiniveve Lalena;
booklet photos by Mark Prins, except Tub & Dog by Pablo Saravanja



all rights reserved


Indio Saravanja Toronto, Ontario

Argentine born, Arctic Canada raised, Indio Saravanja is a poetic songwriter, talented multi-instrumentalist, and adventurous composer, whose poignant, honest words cut to the bone. A dynamic performer who charms the crowd with his candid and often humorous tales, he is an also an exciting musician - solo or with a band, acoustic or electric. ... more

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Track Name: Orphans

We were capsized in the waves of empty faces
baptized in that million dollar sound
and we found our own religion in those places
the stadium was the biggest church in town
but there comes a time you wonder what you live for
when the sacred things lose meaning in your head
it's like waking from a dream to find you're older
with the feeling something died while you were sleeping in your bed

When we got into that van we made a promise
said we'd find the things we looked for long ago
the open roads beyond the perfect highways
that told us there was nowhere left to go
and all the way we fought to keep it coming
but that strip mall highway didn't seem like it would ever end
and when we realized we couldn't drive forever
we were needing more than money though we didn't know it then

And now it's been a long long time since we have spoken
are you having any good dreams you could share
with someone just like you but not as broken
well brother I'm not sure you even care
but I had one just last night about Walt Whitman
saw his face on all my money clear and green
and the President confessed to all the nations
that the Leaves Of Grass were drenched in foreign blood and gasoline

He was a half-forgotten preacher in the theatre
screaming bout a world that we once knew
but this time 'round when Johnny said No Future
from my television man, you know it felt so true
tonight we'll have the campfires and the music
just like we used to do so many times before
and I'll sing one 'neath the stars just for you brother
cause you know you're gonna come back from this war

Repeat 1st verse
Track Name: 'Til The Sun Shines
'Til The Sun Shines

I'm as abandoned as the sand
the wind left at your door
that's how I feel without your hand
like I'll never get to shore
to see that blue light shine again
and know it's possible
to be with you 'til the sun shines in the morning
be with you 'til the sun shines in the morning
and I'm gone

Out of all the things I tried in life
the hardest one was you
seems we were better one to one
than we ever could've been as two
but still tonight I can't see why
we have to say goodbye
I'll be with you 'til the sun shines in the morning
be with you 'til the sun shines in the morning
and I'm gone

So baby call me anytime
I'll always be your friend
and maybe somewhere down the line
we can try this all again
we'll see who meant the things they said
when we were lying here
I'll be with you 'til the sun shines in the morning
be with you 'til the sun shines in the morning
and I'm gone
Track Name: Northern Town
Northern Town

It was new years day back in '92
I was just a kid in my canvas shoes
going to New York City from Montreal
where I left my heart on a last phone call
I made it past the border with my new guitar
they searched me good and they stripped my car
I was almost in the city when the snow came down
it weren't half as pretty as my Northern Town

Got myself a job in a small cafe
playing Bobby Dylan down in the subways
and I had big ideas bout the truth and such
I looked around the scene and I didn't find much
but the ghosts of the singers with the golden words
and I wrote a lot of songs that no one ever heard
I got so lonely when I lost my sound
just another hillbilly from a Northern Town

And there was nobody there to hold me
nobody there could've told me

It felt like Christmas in the middle of June
when Santa rolled in with a needle and spoon
it was cheaper than grass and it felt so good
you'd go get more just as soon as you could
but then the money got thin and the streets got mean
I didn't know how I just had to get clean
it took a whole week of shaking on an old greyhound
but I made it on back to my Northern Town

Now my Northern Town can get cold as hell
there ain't no steeple and there ain't no bell
there's a whiskey river that runs right through
and it might look dirty depending on your view
and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get out
when the bars full of laughter and the lakes full of trout
and when that midnight sun and the summer comes round
there's nothing in the world like my Northern Town
nothing in the world like my Northern Town
Track Name: Burn The Ships
Burn The Ships

Burn the ships
so that you can't go home again
many men before you
had to do that in the end
in an act of faith
that you will never comprehend
through self-deception
or the measurement of learning

Speak the truth
don't be denied or compromised
you're helping no one here
with these hollow alibis
when you know it's just a weakness
you've been trying to disguise
and to conceal
while a deeper world is dying

You know the moment has come
for to do what you must do
it may never appear again
so bare and free of caution
so let uncertainty be your friend
'til it does reveal to you
the one who walks through fear
and finds no other option

Trust yourself
and trust the force that made you come
until your fire's gone out
may you stand tall in the sun
and though the night may bring you loneliness
and leave a bitter taste on your tongue
risk not temptation
you have yet to be delivered

May you see that there is no blame
may you lose your grudges too
may your enemies lose sight of you
in the blindness of their expectations
may you find all the strength you need
in the knowledge that is new
and see that what you've done
is beyond all explanations

So burn your ships
dismiss these phantom sails
let not a trace be left
of the memory of your trail
leave every doubt behind
that you are bound to fail
and let nobody
judge the distance that you've travelled
for what is failure
but a destiny unravelled
Burn your ships
Track Name: First Communion
First Communion

I haven't seen Mama since my First Communion
that's the only memory that I really have
it'd been a long time since I heard my language
it smelled like whiskey and it sounded sad
when she pulled me close and said we'd be together
I said don't cry Mama cause I'll see you soon
when I turned 18 the sisters pulled me over
said 'your Mama died one summer in the month of June'

My daddy was a dime-store 'drunken Indian'
they said he served the country in the Second World War
fighting for the freedom in the old Dominion
he came back a hero without knowing what for
they sent the white boys back to the girls they'd marry
to the towns they lived in to their farms and fields
but his plane touched down on a childless prairie
and a broken woman had to fight for her meals

And it was twenty years later when I tried to find him
the social workers told me that he'd probably died
given me up on account of his drinking
I'll never know how hard they really tried
I was living with a man who hit me once too often
on the edge of Green River in a one room shack
to this very day I don't remember what happened
but he never got up the time I hit him back

There were lots of women like me when I went to prison
we were from different places and we broke the same rules
we'd all lost our languages families and children
we were middle-aged orphans from the residence schools
I don't believe in justice like I do in healing
I don't believe you can heal a person with a lie
but you can't heal a person doesn't know he's human
and it was in that prison that I learned to cry

Tonight I'll light a candle and I'll pray for my mother
pray for my people pray for their dreams
sit beside that candle with my son and my daughter
pray they never have to see the things I've seen
when they moved a People like they'd move some cattle
from the land of the rivers to a fenced-in dream
generations of people stolen from each other
well I'm living for them now and I'm doing it clean
I'm living for them now and I'm doing it clean
Track Name: Stories

You told me stories of the grain
a girl who dreamed of airplanes
a hunters hands that came each night
to turn her body to a kite
of silence long ago
a city entered after dark
a night spent in a rainy park
a belly swollen full of shame
a baby born without a name
the world would never know
and how you heard your Captain call that night
when you woke up in a room of blood and light

You wore your sadness like a veil
a doorway to some other trail
that other hunters would've found
and travelled without turning round
to see if it was torn
it branded you and made you run
it spoke to me in foreign tongues
it said let go but hang on tight
as if your body were a kite
some secret in a storm
that told me of the hunter and his string
as if your Captain wouldn't see a thing

But I knew that I would follow you
the moment that I looked at you
down some dark road that had no end
by some command that wouldn't bend
that pulled me through the towns
and no matter how I tried to run
your stories called and I would come
they said let go but hang on tight
as if your body were a kite
I never would pull down
to see if it was true and not a lie
your Captain was the one who made you shy

You taught me how the lovers keep
their secrets so their dreams can sleep
and how in time the world would hide
the ones who hunted you for pride
you said you never chose
but I saw the way you looked at them
the soft young boys the businessmen
who by your style were so confused
the eyes so cold the lips all bruised
the hunger 'neath your clothes
I watched them long enough to understand
your Captain was a law and not a man

You told me stories of the grain
a girl who dreamed of airplanes
a hunters hands that came each night
to turn her body to a kite
of silence long ago
but your love is just a service now
so insincere and cold somehow
you're just another stewardess
and icy smile and iron dress
you wear for those who know
there really is a Captain in the rain
and he's the only one who knows your name

yes he's the only one who knows your name
yes he's the only one
Track Name: New Kid In Town
New Kid In Town

How come I have to start over
how come I have to take the fall
you've got me looking for cover
how come you do not care at all
why didn't I see it coming
I thought we'd turned things around
I'm too old to start over
but I'm the new kid in town

You left me here at this table
staring at the rain through the open door
with an apple in my hands
and it was rotten to the core
I lost my friends and my money
there's just nobody around
ain't it just like a movie
when you're the new kid in town

Now the kid rides a dark horse
he moves like lightning and doesn't speak
and his ride is his own true love
he never had to turn the other cheek
I hope that road will still have me
just like an old friend it's found
cause you don't need nobody
when you're the new kid in town
Track Name: World Of Frost
World Of Frost

When every fucking thing is nailed down
you know I'm gonna leave this town
and I'm feeling like a refugee
a prisoner in the Land of the Free

And when winter is just rolling in
and you don't have no money and it feels like a sin
it makes me think of Jesus on the cross
a stranger to kindness in a world of frost

I'm leaving
don't know where I'm going
this time
think of me when you want to
have me on your mind

When money's all you have on your mind
it's cause you can't catch up you know you're so far behind
but when you're locked behind a wheel on the road
all you can hope for is a lighter load

But I'll love you 'til they've taken the trees
plowed down the mountains and poisoned the seas
and we're all living in a holocaust
when all we can wonder is how much we've lost

I'm leaving
don't know where I'm going
this time
think of me when you want to
have me on your mind
Track Name: The Long Way
The Long Way

Look at the way that they talk
see how they gamble throw themselves at the feet of love
well I've been out on that walk
and it made a fool of me when push came to shove
don't really know where I'm standing now
I've got no reason to hide but it's alright somehow
I've still got love on my mind
but it looks like I'm taking the long way

You called me up in the spring
you said sweet baby let's have one more fling
and then I got you that ring
and I would've given you everything
but ain't it funny how we found out
how throwing ourselves away
ain't what love's all about
when we had love on our minds
I know we were taking the long way

People hurt themselves bad
sometimes I think that they're happier
when they're angry and sad
they'll leave the whole world behind
to lay it all on the line
but then they'll pull out at the first sign of rain
pull out at the first sign of rain

I want to follow the sun
I want to try and love everyone
it ain't that I don't have needs
It's just I don't really need to bleed
don't need no love song to bring me down
don't need no weatherman's news
to know I'm stuck in this town
I've still got love on my mind
but it looks like I'm taking the long way

I've still got love on my mind
but it looks like I'm taking the long way
Track Name: Conman

Emotional Conman
yeah that's what she said
as I gathered my courage
and I moved from the bed
and the lights came on one by one
and the truth finally slid off her tongue
said I never was more than just one
of the many she wanted

Beautiful conman (she said)
your songs are a bore
if they had any meaning before me
they won't anymore
though you held on to me like a light
you could shine on your pain every night
you lied when you held me so tight
like you knew what you wanted

And you never loved
'til I taught you
you never loved
'til I taught you
you never loved
but now I've got you

The ghost in the window
she cried like a girl
she was waving hello and
goodbye to the world
now she stands at the top of the stairs
with dirty nails and dead leaves in her hair
she says conman I know that you're there
I'm the one that you wanted

And anyway conman
what was on your mind
didn't anyone tell you
you're never gonna leave me behind
you were lying to me all along
trading love for the sake of your song
and if nobody can teach you that's wrong
then somebody should break you

Cause you never loved
'til I taught you
you never loved
'til I taught you
you never loved
but now I've got you conman
(I've got you)
Track Name: Other Side
Other Side (For J.B.)

Gravity catches up with you
on the other side
you can't make it a friend when it's an enemy too
it has a way of taking your pride
you can't afford to be as proud
on your old cloud drifting away
hanging out with that lawless crowd
not like you used to anyway

You do what you can just to pay your bills
on the other side
you climb right up and then you're over the hill
and you get ready for that downward slide
when the things you loved don't mean nothing no more
and the things you didn't mean less
the world keeps calling like a wolf at your door
and you've got no happiness

Sometimes I feel sorry for you
I know you'd only just begun
you got the glory and I got the view
of the things we left undone
they say you sold your soul for rock and roll
I don't know if that's true
if there's a place called Hell for those who do it well
it might be better than the pain you knew

But you're still alive and you'll always be
on the other side
crazy and wild and looking at me
from the other side
and though we got much more than we'd bargained for
I know we'll meet again someday
I love you brother and I hope you're fine
and that's all I really have to say